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Traffic Rider Mod APK is a game that attracts those players who love bikes and racing games. But the main problem with the original version is that it contains limited features like limited money, locked bikes, mods, locations, levels and paid premium version. This game contains ads in a single language, and there can also be viruses.

I did some research and came up with its modded version, which is totally free of cost. The best speciality of this android game is that it has a wide range of motorbikes and all the bikes belong to real bike brands of the world. It will let you have access to all locked features.

Traffic Rider Mod APK is the most interesting Android bike racing game ever. Its 3D features, HD quality, buildings, roads and other automobiles on the road give you experience of actual existence. So Traffic Rider Mod APK download now and let’s have a look over what’s new in it.

What Is a Traffic Rider Game?

It is a superb and Mod APK for Traffic Rider game that is loved by motorbike lovers. It allows all the Gamers to have the greatest experience while driving their most-liked bikes in various locations; they can also relocate to the two-sided traffic to make the game more challenging. In this game, you will have to take care that you do not collide with other automobiles as well as with the side of the roadway. If you want to get bikes with particular characteristics, then you must complete different missions and successfully clear numerous levels in order to unlock them in other modes.

Features of Traffic Rider Game

Here are some of the useful features:

First Person View

This game will let you see things from your viewpoint so you can focus directly on the roadway and what’s in front of you. This way, you’ll know which motor vehicle you need to pass to become the fastest rider.

Various Bikes

This game has nearly 29 different types of bikes to make your gameplay exciting. Each of these bikes has a unique capability, and you can swap them to finish off challenging missions.

Choose The Environment

You have the option to select your preferred gaming environment, selecting among daylight and night time settings. Moreover, you can customize traffic modes, including the option for two-way traffic. That lets you adjust the game to how you like it, making your gaming experience better.

What is the Traffic Rider Mod APK?

Traffic Rider Mod APK is an altered version of Traffic Rider. These unlock all levels, missions and vehicles, eliminate disturbing ads and increase the gameplay experience. The main difference between the mod version and the original version is that the Mod provides unlimited and unlocked features. If you have an Android phone available and love racing games, then give this one a try. Traffic Rider Mod APK latest version is easy and interesting to play. Besides this, Traffic Rider APK download For PC is also available.

Traffic Rider Latest Mod APK version is the most popular, and it is used worldwide, which is much different from other games. In this game, you will move at very high speed on the roads. For this get hold of the coolest and powerful bike, improve it and forward to deed. This game contains an endless ride.

You’ll experience that you are on the road in real life, where you dodge cars and move on to the next. Its 3D features, HD quality, buildings, roads and other vehicles make the game more interesting. You can select any mode, and you’ll find no issue with language because this game contains various languages. If you want to download its modded version, then you can download it from Google because there is no possibility of allowing this game on Google Play Store or Apple App Store because mod versions are not accessible on these platforms.

Features of Traffic Rider Game Mod APK

Here are some of the useful features:

First-Person Gameplay

Presume you are on a bike, holding the handle of the bike and feeling the wind as you zoom through the vehicles. Traffic Rider Mod APK 2023 and 2024 provides you with this captivating experience with its first-person sight. This game makes you feel like you’re actually riding the bike. In other games, you have to control bikes from above, but in this game, you feel like you are the one who is driving. When you take a twirl in the game, it’s really exciting. It’s not just a game; it’s like going on an exciting journey into the world of high-speed biking!

Traffic Rider's Gameplay

Traffic Rider Unlimited Money

Traffic Rider game unlimited money provides unlimited coins, gold, bikes and levels. Normally, you spend hours through levels to earn coins for new motorbikes or upgrades. This modded version delivers unlimited coins for upgrades and buying motorbikes.

Extensive Array of Bikes

Traffic Rider Mod APK knows that what makes life interesting is having a lot of different objects. In the game, there are different motorbikes to choose from, and each one has its way of handling, speed and braking. It means that whenever you ride a new bike, you feel an exciting amusement and experience. If you like to ride strong, quick and graceful bikes then you have options of your choice.

Various Bikes and unlimited money

Realistic Traffic System of Traffic Rider APK Mod

One particular thing about this game is its realistic traffic system. In most of the other games, traffic remains the same or moves in the same pattern. Nevertheless, in Traffic Rider, the traffic moves just like it does in real life. Cars change ways, speed up and slow down in unexpected ways. This makes the game more challenging and exciting because you have to stay alert and makes you prepared to respond to the changing road conditions.

Astonishing HD Graphics

This modded version represents what exists in the real world. Entering the interface feels like moving into the real world. You can make bike riding enjoyable with its High-Quality graphics. These 3D graphics make the game look real. All the characters, the whole scenery and motor-bikes give the original look to the players. This game also captures minute details such as reflections on bike’s chrome and leaves on roadside trees. Whether it’s day or night its graphic realism remains excellent. If you like to try snowfall, rain or day and night then you will find it excellent. There are many other games which do not provide such beautiful and best graphics but it is much different.

Traffic Riders HD Graphic

Day-Night Cycle and Weather Conditions

This game provides such weather conditions that a player can make it according to his interest. These conditions are like the rainy season, snowfall and can also adopt day and night settings. These conditions make the game more challenging and raise your interest in the games. You have options to choose the environment in which you want to play this game, because good weather makes bike-riders feel happy. Just imagine riding a bike in snow or rain, it pleases you. This game provides 15 or more than 15 types of environmental conditions.

Traffic Rider's Environment

Career Mode

Their career mode is more than a series of races. It is a period of travelling with missions, challenges and other stuff to unlock. It provides 70+ missions. Each mission is harder than the other one and it makes your riding skill better. You get full grip on your riding by playing this game. When you complete a mission, you get rewards like a lot of coins. This win feels like real success and your interest in the game remains for a long time.

Endless Mode in Traffic Rider Mode APK

Sometimes, you want to ride without any purpose and that’s what Endless Mode is for. In this mode, you ride without any end in view and aim. If any of you is feeling upset or bothered then you must give this one a try. If you like this mode, you’ll spend most of your time here.

Traffic Rider Modes

Bikes Customization

In Traffic Rider Mod Apk you just don’t get a bike, you can make changes according to your interest. You can make changes in Engines, how it handles and even colours and stickers. Each change not only makes it different but also provides various effects and characteristics. With the modded version you can unlock all the changes just now. You can turn your dream bike into reality with this version. You should give this one a try.

Support of Various Languages

You need not to worry about language. If you don’t know English or you want to select any other language, then you will be very happy to know that this modded version provides more than 18 different languages. You can play and enjoy games by choosing the language of your choice. First, you can choose any language you know. Secondly, you can enjoy its ride from anywhere in the world.

Unlimited Fuel and Nitro

Some mods in the game remove fuel usage so that you can take advantage of unlimited boosts. It means your Nitro gauge will always be full. You’ll be at high speed without running out of turbo. It provides an unlimited supply of boosts for an inspiring and fast racing experience.

Ride Real Motorbikes

Traffic Rider Mod Apk provides various bikes that are racing and heavy bikes. These bikes are of different categories and brands in the real world. Their sound is also recorded from real-world bikes. This original sound makes the game more exciting, and the player enjoys it a lot. There are almost more than 27 bikes and all of them are unlocked in the game. Each bike has its speciality. Each bike has its speed and colour. If you are not gonna like the suggested colour, then you can choose your option. Bike number 26 is a motorbike, which is more interesting for those who are fond of motorbikes.

Key Unlocked Locations in Traffic Rider Mod APK

This modded version provides full access to cool locations. Here are some top locations of the modded version:

Desert Hills

This beautiful and difficult sandy area has challenging tracks between cacti. This location tests your control at high speed and increases your interest in this game.

Lava Fields

As it is clear from the name, These locations have fierce tracks above hot lava flows for an exciting drive. You will enjoy its ride.

Glacier Mountains

In this location snow, snow-covered icy roads wind through beautiful mountains, making this place smoothly slide around corners. The attractive scenery and challenging landscape create an ideal setting for an enjoyable and fearless driving experience.

City Slums

The rough city streets let you build up your Nitro boosts by doing wheelies and stoppies amongst the city traffic. In other words, you can perform stunts like lifting the front wheel and suddenly stopping; this adds more excitement to the game.

With mods, these thrilling racing locations become more accessible for you to explore and learn.

Range of Multiple Modes in Traffic Rider Mod APK

Traffic Rider Mod APK provides a range of multiple modes which you can use and can enjoy. These modes are like one-way or two-way, Time Trial, and Free Ride. Its career mode provides more than 70 challenging missions that are tough to complete. On completion of these missions, you’ll get rewards. You can adopt rush-hour traffic, free riding, chase, against the clock and online racing.

Traffic Rider's Environment

Customizable Traffic Rider Mod APK Max Level

In the career mode of this game, you have to complete certain levels in order to get going with gameplay. For example, in the first level or mission, you have to cross 10 vehicles without colliding with them or with the side of the road. If by chance your bike collides with a vehicle or with the corners and barriers of the road, then you will be looser.

Traffic Rider Online Leader Board

The Traffic Rider Mod APK includes an online leader board that keeps track of all your achievements. For example, when you win a level, complete a mission and earn a new badge, then it will be seen on this online leader board. All the prizes, coins, badges and rewards that you gained will appear here. You can have a look at all your achievements right from the first day you started playing. It is like providing players a quick look at their progress in the game.

Free To Play Traffic Rider Mod APK

Some players like to play free games because they can not pay. Many players feel unhappy due to a reason like that they have to pay for the games they want to play. You’ll be very happy to know that this game is totally free. Almost 90% of games are free on the internet because people can not pay for downloading these games on their devices. You need not to pay for this game. Google permits you to download it for free.

Real Motorbike Sounds

The sound of vehicles is one of the interesting features of racing games. In Traffic Rider Mod Apk, music adds excitement while playing this game. The sound of these bikes is taken from real-world bikes, which makes the game more thrilling. In this game, each bike has its sound. This original sound makes the game more exciting and charming.


There are more than 40 missions in the game that allow the players to race and win. These missions start from easier to the toughest ones. Each mission contains a reward for winning. It is a challenge for players to race and win. Players can enjoy these missions.

Use of Horn in Traffic Rider Mod APK

In this game, if you come across any vehicle, then you use horn. Blowing the horn tells the car driver that he is in the way, and it signals them to move to the side. It’s like giving a friendly signal to let them know you need some space to carry on with your journey. Blow horns to get away troublesome cars out of your way.

How To Install and Download Traffic Rider Mod APK

  • If you wanna download the Traffic Rider Mod Apk, then first uninstall the last version of this game; without uninstalling the previous one, you can not install this one.
  • If done, uninstall the previous version, then install this game. Wander around Google Play Store and look for this version in the search box. if you find it, click on it.
  • Go to the settings option in your Android and press “security settings”.
  • Once you reach device administration, press unknown sources to enable it.
  • After that process, visit the File Manager (Download file) and click on the game to install it.
  • Once it is installed, you’ll find it on your display screen.
  • Click on the icon to enjoy this game.

Tips For Using Traffic Rider Mod APK Version

Here are some key points to make better your experience after downloading the modded version:

  • Start slowly – instead of all features use a few at first.
  • Create regular backup – when you’ll update the game its mod data will be lost. But you will be very happy to know that backups let you restore data.
  • Use an Antivirus app – keep on occasional scans to keep mod files clean and safe.
  • Avoid cheating online – If you like to keep your account secure then use the mod version offline.
  • Update carefully – some updates may detect and remove content. So, turn off auto updates.

Tips To Get More Coins in Traffic Rider Mod APK

  • If you drive fast then you will be able to get more coins.
  • Driving faster, overtaking cars closely to get bonus and cash.
  • If you are driving in the opposite direction like in a two-way mode then it will give an extra score and bonus.
  • Wheelies help you to get extra scores and bonuses.
Traffic Rider wheelies

Tips To Win More Races

Use these tips to defeat opponents and leaderboards:

Make Full Control

Practise control, braking, drifting and wheelies to be an expert in crowded traffic.

Find Superb and Easy Routes to Drive

Keep in mind those routes which contain minimum traffic and more nitro zones.

Specialized Vehicles

Top-speed or per-track bikes are needed to gain the extra edge.

Traffic Signals

You must be on time at traffic signals. You need to approach traffic Signals just as they turn green. So, it will be very helpful in reducing your time from being wasted.

Apply all of these master plans to defeat your opponent.

Common Problems and Solutions

Beginners may face some issues while using the Modded version. I have solutions for all these problems:

App Crashing on Launch

If the mod crashes permit Airplane mode>>Clear Cache>> then Reboot and try once again. You also need to check for antivirus blocks.

Stuck on the Loading Screen

Grant permission, free up storage space and clear app data to fix freezing on the loading screen.

Features Not Unlocking

Disable the original Traffic Rider if installed. You also need to redownload the latest mod file and reinstall.

Getting Banned From Online Play

You need to stay away from getting banned from online play Avoid using hacks/cheats during online multiplayer incidents to make secure account blocks.

Be alert due to all of these problems so that you may troubleshoot hurriedly and continue racing!

Top vehicles Unlocked in Traffic Rider Mod APK

Some of the bikes are:

Hayabusa Motorbike

This strong Japanese sports bike provides a lot of power, allowing you to zoom past traffic really fast.

Ducati 1098s

With a cool Italian look and loud sound, the 1098s bike provides amazing speed and control.

Police Bike

The siren and cool design on the bike make you feel like a cop running after speedy racers.

Cyberpunk Bike

Imagine a super cool c custom bike with futuristic neon lights that seem like it is from a sci-fi movie.

    Vehicle diversity provides the joy of riding different bikes. Find your interesting bikes and show them off online.


Traffic Rider Mod Apk is a fascinating and exciting game for those who are fond and lovers of racing games. The modded version provides unlimited features like coins, gems, unlocked bikes, etc. It makes the game more enjoyable without expending real money. Enjoy the graphics of the game, and always play ethically and responsibly.


It works when the player clears the mission as a guest by practising it. The player uses it and gets experienced.

   Yes, by connecting your app to your Google Play or Game Centre account, you are free to sync and can continue your progress on various devices.

   No, the game is completely free to play. There is no need to pay any amount.