Traffic Rider Mod APK vs Superbike Hero

   Traffic Rider Mod APK is a game for those who love bike racing games. Superbike Hero is another interesting and loving game for bike riders. However, the main problem with their original version is that they contain limitations like locked features, bikes, and levels.

   I did some research and came up with a solution. You need not worry about these games because I have your solution. This solution is their modded version. This modded version provides everything unlimited and unlocked. It will provide access to all locked features.

What is a Traffic Rider Mod APK?

It is a modded version of Traffic Rider. This modified version helps to unlock everything like bikes, levels and locations. It will also provide unlimited things like unlimited money. It will reduce ads and help to raise your gameplay. This game is very popular, easy and it is played all over the world. You should give this one a try. You will feel you are on the road and will zoom through traffic. You will enjoy its 3D graphics, which help to make it look real.

Traffic Rider Mod APK

Features of Traffic Rider Mod APK

Here are a few features which make this game more interesting:

Unlimited Resources

Its main speciality is that it provides everything unlimitedly, like coins, gold, bikes and levels. These unlimited things help to increase the interest of its players. These things make the game interesting. I hope you’ll like to play it again and again.

Unlimited Resources like money and bikes

Realistic Traffic System

Another particular thing is its realistic elements. Everything in the game gives a real look. Sometimes, people get cheated due to its realistic traffic system. You are really on the road. Everything looks so real because of its 3D graphics.

Unlimited Fuel

Some people didn’t like racing games because of the game’s fuel shortage. So they run out of fuel, and their excitement and thrill vanishes. You will be very happy to know that this modded version provides unlimited fuel. You will never run out of fuel. You will enjoy this game as much as you want.

What is a Superbike Hero?

It is a high-performance bike for bike lovers. It is an interesting, fascinating and thrilling game for those who love racing games. Here, heroes zoom through traffic and make their traffic experience better. They drive at high speed without fear and get a lot of bonuses due to high speed and reaching a given point in time. It is specially designed for racing. If you want to explore another article then check over here.


Features of Superbike Hero

Its features are the following:

Skill and Expertise

This game is well known for its special skills and expertise. Riders are trained to control them at high speed. They Accept challenges happily and fulfil them at last.

Physical Fitness

It demands physical fitness from its competitors. Superbike Heroes accept challenges and drive very fast to ensure their physical fitness. They perform their best to show off themselves as ideal.

Bikes Customization

You have options to customize your bike. You can customize such things as tuning the engine, upgrading the exhaust system, modifying the intake system, upgrading the suspension, reducing weight and upgrading the tyres.

Superbike-Hero-Bike customization


Traffic Rider Mod APK is an exciting game for all bike lovers, and Superbike Hero is also a loving game for all bike lovers. Their modded version raises interest in these games. The unlocked features are another revolution. According to reviews and my suggestion, you must try Traffic Rider Mod APK because it is more played than Superbike Hero.


      Its realistic graphics and fascinating first-person perspective make it different from others.

     Hard training and a focus on skill and strategy prepare players for races. 

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