5 Amazing Old Versions Of Traffic Rider Mod APK (Download Free)

   Traffic Rider is a popular and famous game. Soner Kara develops it. It is available to play on Android and IOS phones. Traffic Rider APK for PC, iPad and Macbook is available. It contains its modified version also. The Traffic Rider Mod APK is well known for its realistic HD Graphics and first-person view.   

Traffic Rider amazing gameplay

   Here we explain Traffic Rider Mod Apk old version :

Traffic Rider Mod APK v1.96

   Before starting to play Traffic Rider, You have to know the Basics. You can get this game on various devices like phones, PCs, Macbooks and iPads. You will ride a bike and zoom through various streets and roadways. Try to avoid colliding with other bikes and cars. That’s how it starts!

   In Traffic Rider Mod APK Download 2023, missions are key to success. Each mission provides different things to do, like passing through bikes fast. It will help to unlock and upgrade other bikes. In Traffic Rider Mod Apk, you have options to modify your bike. There are many bikes to choose from and each one works in its own way and goes with high speed. By playing games, you can get money to upgrade your bike. Making upgrades makes your bike work better.

Traffic rider Mod APK for pc


  • First-person view.
  • Unlimited coins, money and gold.
  • No ads.
  • More than 20 bikes to ride.
  • Different modes.
  • Customizable environment and climate.

Traffic Rider Mod APK v1.95 (Unlimited Money)

   Traffic Rider Mod APK download 2022 to get unlimited money and coins. It is a game to race, and it is a way to enjoy it. It has been played by more than 500 million people and is easy to play. It is free to play. The modified version provides exciting customization options. You can customize everything which you want to like, you can customize bike colour, modes and control system.

Various Bikes and unlimited money


  • Bikes are unlocked.
  • Levels are unlocked.
  • Different challenging missions.
  • HD Graphics.
  • First-person perspective.
  • Astonishing Sound.

Traffic Rider Mod APK v1.94

   This modified version contains upgraded things in it. This provides unlimited coins and unlocks everything. You can enjoy it in various ways. In this gaming version you feel like you are a part of the motorbike community. Don’t wait longer and download it right now.


  • Unlimited sport racing bikes.
  • High-quality Graphics.
  • Multi-control options.
  • Multilingual.
  • Multi modes.
  • Environment and climate.

Traffic Rider Mod APK v1.90

   Get ready to drive a sports bike and enjoy its ride. Ride your bike on various roads and roadways. This version provides realistic things in the game. Keep in mind that riding a bike may be fun, but it is too risky. Choose the bike of your choice and ride as fast as you can. Enjoy riding on various bikes and have fun. You must be aware of Tips and Tricks to play this game.

Traffic Rider Modes


  • Choose from high-performance bikes.
  • Enjoy 3D HD graphics.
  • Enjoy 4 different modes.
  • Unlock 23+ bikes.
  • Unlock different ways.
  • Customize the environment.

Traffic Rider Mod APK v1.81

   What makes this version different from others? First of all, it has amazing graphics and many options to customize bikes, realistic gameplay, and many levels to beat. You can enjoy a lot of fun with just a bike and a track to race on.

Traffic Riders HD Graphic


  • No internet is needed.
  • No ads.
  • Unlocked all items.
  • Extra lives.
  • Unlimited key and gold.
  • More than 28 bikes.
  • Enjoy different modes.
  • Environment and climate.


   As you can see, Traffic Rider has many interesting and special features that will make your gaming experience more thrilling. Traffic Rider Mod APK unlimited money 2022 is related to increase your money. Also it provides extra features and money to raise your gaming experience. As you saw, its versions provide different features, and it is updating its features gradually.


      Enhanced graphics, additional bikes, and improved controls.

      Updated challenges and new mission objectives.

      Expect more bikes, tracks, and challenges.

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