Traffic Rider Mod APK – Amazing Modes and Stages

   In Traffic Rider, sometimes you feel like there is nothing to do besides driving. This makes the game dull after a while. Also, it’s hard to know how well you’re doing compared to others because there isn’t a way to compete directly with them.

   But don’t worry! Traffic Rider has various modes to make the game more exciting. These modes give you specific goals to complete and let you see how you pile up against other riders. Let’s explore some of these modes and how they can make your experience with Traffic Rider more enjoyable.

Traffic rider Mod APK for pc

Different Modes in Traffic Rider Mod APK

   There are 4 modes in Traffic Rider Mod Apk. Let’s explore all of these:

Career Mode

   Career mode is the first game mode, and it is the main mode. Here, players take a start with a basic and simple bike and pass through various levels, each with its different challenges. As they complete levels and missions, they get coins and use them to upgrade their bikes. They can also unlock other bikes.

Endless Mode

   It is the second mode and is better for those who want to gain a more friendly experience. In this mode players drive on their bikes on an endless and boundless road. In this way, they achieve many scores. The roadway is filled with barriers and traffic, which makes the game more challenging. In fact, it is a mode to get more fun.

Traffic-Rider-All modes

Time-Trial Mode

   It is a third mode, and it is for those who want to face and enjoy challenges and hurdles. In this mode, you have to win the race against the clock. You have to achieve missions as quickly as possible in an availed time. When a player is faster, he earns more coins and money.

Free Ride

   The fourth mode is free to ride mode, and who wants to see the game’s environment without any limit? In free mode, players can ride their bikes through various environments and climates. Commonly this mode is adopt by those people who are always facing problems and they want to get rid of their problems by having any amusement

   Finally, there is a multiplayer mode. In this mode players can play with each other in real time from anywhere, from where they want to play and can achieve the highest possible score.

Traffic Racer modes

Various Stages in Traffic Rider Mod APK

   In Traffic Rider, players can get through different stages, each with its specific challenges. There are more than 70 levels and missions in this game. Each of these is more difficult than the other one. These are divided into four different locations. Each of these has a different environment and atmosphere. Players can ride through different areas and mountains, tunnels and each with its barriers and traffic.

   To pass through different stages, players must accomplish different objectives, such as passing through checkpoints and reaching speed limits. As they complete missions, they get coins and money to upgrade and unlock more bikes. One of its best specialities is that it can be played and enjoyed in both day and light mode. It becomes more challenging during nighttime because players have to pass through different barriers and traffic.

Traffic rider Mod APK for pc


   The modes and stages in Traffic Rider provide various challenges and goals. They help to raise involvement in gaming for players of all skills and qualities. Enjoy the ride, and keep trying for new achievements!


     Five modes offer varied challenges.

    Compete with others for high scores.

    Yes, choose from various vehicles.

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