Traffic Racer vs Traffic Rider – Ultimate Comparison

Traffic Rider is a game for those who love bikes and Traffic Racer is a game for those who love cars. But the main issue with their original versions is that both contain limitations like limited money, locked vehicles, levels and locations. These also contain ads and there might be viruses.

After a lot of research I came up with their modded version. The modified version of both these games is free of cost. But the special thing about this version is that it provides all vehicles unlocked. All these vehicles are a part of real bike brands of the world. This modified version provides access to all locked features.

Traffic Racer is a car racing game for those who are fond of cars. Its HD Graphics, buildings, roads and other vehicles provide amusement.

What is a Traffic Rider?

It is an interesting game for those people who love bikes. You can play this game with your selective bikes. In this game you can shift to the two sided traffic to make the game more interesting and challenging. In this game you have to complete different missions. On completion of these missions you get coins.

Traffic Rider's Gameplay


Support of Various Languages

You don’t have to play this game only in English, you can choose the language of your choice. This game provides 18 different languages. So, it is a big relief for its users.

HD Graphics

Its high-quality graphics make the game more exciting and enjoyable. The game looks real due to its HD graphics. All the characters, the whole scenery and motorbikes give a real look.  This game also captures minute details like reflection on the bike’s chrome and leaves on road side trees.

First Person View

Suppose you are on a bike, holding the handle of the bike and feeling wind as you zoom through vehicles. This game provides you such a captivating experience by its first-person sight.

Traffic Riders HD Graphic

Unlimited Resources

The special thing about this is that it provides unlimited coins, money, gold, bikes and levels. The mod version provides unlimited money to unlock bikes and upgrade them.

Mod Version of Traffic Rider

In Traffic Rider Mod APK, many of its features are unlocked. In the modded version you need not to pay a single penny. You can unlock everything without paying any money.

What is a Traffic Racer?

Traffic Racer is a game for those who love racing cars. You can also play Traffic Racer mod APK with your selective cars. There is no need to worry about its features because it provides unlimited and unlocked features. You can play Traffic Racer online or offline. You can enjoy its gameplay because all ads are blocked. Traffic Racer Mod APK IOS is also available. You can enjoy it on your IOS.

Traffic Racer


Its features are following:

Cool modes

This game contains a lot of exciting modes. In the free mode you will be able to learn control of this game. There is another two-way mode. This mode is challenging and you can improve your driving skills in this mode. There is also a trial mode. Here you can test your skills. It also provides police mode as well. If you didn’t like this game then you have option to look over Moto Real Bike Racing.

Traffic Racer modes

Free of Ads

In the modded version of Traffic Racer there will be no troublesome ads. You will play this game without any restriction like annoying ads.

Unlimited Money

This modded version provides unlimited money. So you can easily upgrade your car. Yo can also unlock other vehicles and levels through this money.

Various Environments

In the game you will be driving on the road and there will be other environments which you have to pass. For example, You will have to pass through greenlands, mountain regions and desert states.

Traffic Racer locations and environment

Various Vehicles

In this game you will get a lot of vehicles to drive from cars to trucks. You will also drive sports cars. All the cars will be unlocked in the game and you have access to Traffic Racer download for PC.


Traffic Rider is one of the most popular games with millions of reviews on the internet. It is free to play. You have not to pay a penny because Google permits you to download it for free.

Traffic Racer is free to play on the internet and it causes no harm to your device. Traffic Racer all cars unlocked and customize them to look cool on the road. Play it without viewing any ad and enjoy it for free.

According to my research and people’s reviews, Traffic Rider is better than Traffic Racer. I suggest going for Traffic Rider.


Yes, this game is absolutely free to download.

Yes, this game is safe to play. It is a fully scanned version.


It works when the player clears the mission as a guest by practicing it. Player uses it and gets experienced.

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